Peugeot didn’t exactly say 308 GTi when they described the car they will premiere at this year’s Goodwood Moving Motor Show, instead choosing to use the term “308 performance model” instead. But with the 205 hp, 285 Nm 308 GT already unveiled, the next logical step would be a properly-hot 308 GTi.

The car seen in these photos uploaded to the Cardisiac forums just might be Peugeot’s Goodwood debutant. Tell-tale signs that this could be a 308 GTi include honeycomb treatment for the front grilles, 19 inch two-tone wheels that hide big brakes with red calipers behind them, and dual large-diameter round tail pipes on the rear as opposed to the 308 GT’s smaller trapezoidal-shaped tail pipes.

With all its rivals producing well over 200 horses and between 340-360 Nm of torque, these are the minimum numbers that the 308 GTi has to hit to be relevant. The 308 R concept from 2013 claimed to have 270 hosres and 330 Nm under the hood – could these numbers be carried over to a production 308 GTi then?