The recent Brisbane Truck Show played host to the unveiling of a custom-built Mack Super-Liner, an Australian-built big rig better suited to the sparse plains of the outback than the dense streets of Malaysia. But it’s the latter where this heavy-duty truck will be put to its paces, as it belongs to none other than the Sultan of Johor himself.

According to Australian portal Motoring, Sultan Ibrahim Ismail desired a Mack, so his offices dealt directly with Mack Trucks Australia to build a monster of a truck with Primaax RADD-A4P air suspension and a custom 2,260 mm sleeper cabin.

Power comes from an enormous 16.1 litre MP10 turbodiesel straight-six. Maximum output is 685 hp and a positively eye-watering 3,150 Nm (!) of torque, sent to the eight rear wheels through an mDrive 12-speed automated manual transmission.

Once built, the Super-Liner was handed over to customisers Viking Trucks, which proceeded to give the big rig a paint job featuring the Johor flag, a tiger head motif emblematic of the Johor Darul Ta’zim football team, and the royal crest. There are three layers of airbrushing, eight layers of pearl paint and six layers of clear coat in there.

Inside, royal crests are sewn into the seats (72,000 stitches comprised of real gold thread), while blue lighting adds to the ambience. The leather and suede used here is all imported from South Africa.

But it’s the sleeper cab that takes the cake, with a kitchenette featuring solid Jarrah timber flooring and a stone bench top, two television sets, two iPads, an Xbox and a PlayStation 4. There’s also a hand-built rear bumper with a hidden electric tool panel.

In all, the project involved the efforts of 30 men, and it must have taken quite a while for them to churn out this extraordinary truck – even the exterior and interior timber panels took a whole three months.

This Mack Super-Liner will live a life of hauling – once delivered, it’s destined to tow the Sultan’s other toy, a Cigarette speedboat in matching colours. As they say, this is truly fit for a king.