Is it something in the water that endows the Kiwis with the ability to execute brilliantly creative campaigns? One only needs to trawl Youtube for Air New Zealand’s pre-flight safety videos to understand where we’re coming from. Now, Volkswagen New Zealand has embarked on an equally creative experiment to help drivers curb the urge to speed and/or drive irresponsibly.

Titled ‘Reduce Speed Dial’, the entire experiment is documented as a short film and spans just over three minutes. In said feature, viewers get a glimpse into the everyday lives of four families from New Zealand and how each and every one of them utilises a Volkswagen to get around.


The centre of the experiment lies in the instrument cluster, whereby the gauges are redesigned to feature custom insignias hand-drawn by the children of each family – one only has to have a modicum of emotion to know how all this pans out. By including a special message to the drivers, along with aforementioned stylised markers, said driver will be more reluctant to behave irresponsibly on the road.

By reminding them what they have to live for, one particular driver has been quoted as saying, “I haven’t gone over a hundred since I’ve driven with it.” Another participant perfectly sums up the experiment by stating that “they (the children) don’t have control over the speed that you drive, but they do have control of your heart.”