Chevron Malaysia Limited has launched the latest addition to Caltex’s Havoline range of lubricants, the ProDS Fully Synthetic ECO 5 SAE 5W-30. The fifth-generation engine oil is formulated with friction modified technology to reduce frictional losses and offer consumers improved fuel efficiency amongst other benefits.

Said lubricant meets the latest ILSAC GF-5 standards and is touted to help reduce a vehicle’s overall carbon footprint. The all-new engine oil comes in a four-litre package and will be available at selected Caltex service stations, Havoline car workshops and spare parts shops.

“Drivers today want to protect what really matters – the investment they made in their vehicles and its performance. Our latest introduction – Havoline ProDS Fully Synthetic ECO 5 SAE 5W-30 with Highest Protection Deposit Shield Technology provides a proven solution for eco-conscious drivers and general motorists alike, who care for savings and for the environment,” said Lennard Kwek, Asia Pacific marketing manager for Chevron Lubricants.

Also, Caltex Havoline has rebranded its corporate image with a whole new look in conjunction with its 111-year celebrations. The new look further represents the brand’s tagline to “Protect What Matters” by utilising a larger shield icon on its lineup of passenger car and motorcycle engine oils as well as other products.

As part of the introduction, Chevron Malaysia Limited is offering a special bundle pack promotion. With every purchase of Havoline’s ProDS Fully Synthetic ECO 5 SAE 5W-30 or ProDS Fully Synthetic LE SAE 5W-40 four-litre pack, motorists will receive a 355 ml bottle of Techron Concentrate Plus. The bundle packs are priced at RM242 and will be offered at selected Caltex service stations from June 15 to July 15.