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The Malaysian automotive market is slowly recovering from the massive slump in the first post-GST month (April 2015 sales plummeted 32.7% compared to March). The car industry registered a 13.4% month-to-month increase in May, with total sales of 51,254 units versus just 45,187 in April.

However, that figure is still 8.4% less than what the market achieved in May 2014 (55,254 units). Overall, this still translates to a small 3.6% year-to-date decrease for the industry – 264,747 units sold up to end of May 2015, compared to 274,595 units in the same period last year.

The table below details the sales performance of each brand in Malaysia – based on data released by the Malaysian Automotive Association – sorted by the top sales performer for May 2015. In general, the top brands seem to have fallen back to their traditional pecking order.

As to be expected, Perodua is still at the top of the pile, despite selling marginally fewer cars (17,290 units, 294 down). Also, this is a far cry from the 22,497 units it managed to sell in March this year. Perodua’s year-to-date number now stands at 92,027 units, which is more than double of its closest competitor (Proton with 40,939 units), making up 34.7% of the total industry sales so far this year.

Second on the list is Proton, climbing back from fourth place in April. The first national carmaker sold 8,285 units, up 66.7% compared to the previous month.

Toyota, meanwhile, has overtaken Honda into third place. It registered 7,544 units (25% up), compared to Honda’s 6,221. As usual, a significant portion of this advantage is from Toyota’s commercial vehicles (2,220 units of the Hilux and Hiace sold), compared to zero from Honda Malaysia.

Most brands registered increases, most significantly Mazda (+63.8%), Mitsubishi (+133.4%), Ford (+71.3%), Land Rover (+138.5%), Renault (+78.3%) and Volvo (+111.8%). On the flipside, certain brands sold fewer vehicles, such as Volkswagen (-36.0%) and Peugeot (-22.9%).

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