Here’s something we’re pretty sure most Malaysian motorists can relate to – lane-hogging. In the UK, a van driver has become the nation’s first person to be charged for driving in an “inconsiderate manner” for hogging the middle lane of a highway. The driver was pulled over by the police in West Yorkshire after failing to move to the left lane of the M62 route on August 25 2014.

As a result, six drivers were reportedly forced to brake and swerve to overtake the driver in his Citroen Berlingo van. The driver was then fined a total of £500 (RM2,944) for failing to appear in court followed by an additional £400 (RM2,355) in costs and a £40 (RM235) surcharge. Said van driver also incurred a five-point penalty on his license.

This would mark the first time a driver has been fined for lane-hogging since the introduction of such a law in the UK back in 2013. The government revealed an on-the-spot fine of £100 (RM588) to help curb said behaviour. However, the fact that it’s taken almost two years for someone to be penalised raises questions on the effectiveness of the police force in enforcing said law.

A decrease in the number of traffic police officers is said to be the number one reason for the lack of enforcement. With that said, better late than never, right? So, what do you say? Should a similar law be introduced here – and if so, how much should the fine cost? Let us know in the comments below.