Ever wondered where the money you pay for toll goes to? According to Deputy Works Minister Datuk Rosnah Rashid Shirlin, up to 90% of toll revenue goes to loan repayment, operational and maintenance costs of the highways, New Straits Times reports.

“The remainder 10% of revenue goes to shareholders of the concessions,” she told the Dewan Negara in response to Senator Datuk Jaspal Singh, who asked the government to provide statistics of toll concessionaires and highways with tolls nationwide.

Rosnah said there are 30 highways nationwide operating under 23 concessionaires. “Not all of the 23 concessionaires are recording profits since they started their operations. They have to wait for the concessions to mature before gaining profits,” she told the upper house.

Rosnah revealed that toll revenue for 2013 was RM5.4 billion and last year haul was RM5.42 billion, but reiterated that the amounts are before deducting expenses like loan repayment and costs.