Last weekend we gave out the first batch of child car seats to parents who applied for our Child Seat Rental for Raya campaign, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia. We took the opportunity to interview some of the parents to compile this testimonial video.

If you’re not convinced by the need to use child car seats for your little ones while traveling yet, please do hear what these parents have to say. Many of them came with a new-found realisation of how important child car seats are because of the tragic accidents reported in the media recently where children died because they are flung out of their cars.

There’s even one lady who had to experience first hand what it’s like trying to hold a baby in her arms when her husband had to do an emergency brake. Trust us when we say it’s impossible to hold on to your child in a crash – we will never be able to do what real safety harnesses can do.

We started our Child Seat Rental for Raya campaign to get parents who are still unconvinced to try out child car seats with no monetary commitment. The idea is to get more children secured in child seats during the balik kampung period where accident rates are higher.

We started our campaign with 50 seats but managed to increase this up to 165 seats thanks to Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s sponsorship. We’ve given out the first batch but there are still some seats remaining so if you’re interested you can still participate.

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