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Boustead Petroleum Marketing (BHPetrol) is ready to launch a new grade of petrol, Infiniti RON 97 Euro4M on September 1 at all BHPetrol stations nationwide. This is in keeping with the government’s timeline of having Euro 4 RON 97 by September 2015.

The new formulation is fully imported (and not locally sourced) with a double dosage of German additives of 800 parts per million (PPM). According to BHPetrol, Euro 4M standard fuels only have 50 PPM of sulphur, which translates to cleaner engines, better performance, longer engine life and a cleaner environment.

Last April, Petronas too announced that it will roll out its own Euro 4 RON 97 fuel from September onwards.

It was announced by MITI last year that Euro 4 RON 95 will be introduced in Malaysia in October 2018, Euro 5 diesel in September 2020, Euro 5 RON 95 and RON 97 in September 2025.