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Motorists have again been advised to keep a fire extinguisher in their cars as an early measure against vehicle fires. Having such a device will help prevent fires from spreading quickly, in addition to saving lives and personal belongings.

This recommendation was made by Johor State Fire and Rescue Department director Datuk Ab Ghani Daud, who said that the number of vehicles catching fire on the roads is on the rise, Bernama reports. He said there have been 278 fires involving vehicles since the beginning of the year, and a large number of these have involved cars.

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He added that authorities only imposed having fire extinguishers in commercial vehicles such as lorries and taxis, but there was a need to have them in private vehicles as well.

In 2013, the KL Fire and Rescue Department had also issued a similar call. Its director Khiruddin Drahman said that having a fire extinguisher meant that victims and fellow road users could help control and possibly extinguish the conflagration before fire fighters arrive at the scene.

He added that the prices of fire extinguishers were affordable, typically ranging between RM75 to RM100 per cylinder depending on their size and weight.

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