Nissan has surpassed Toyota in Europe in terms of total car sales for the first half of 2015. With a record sales of 384,726 vehicles sold in the first six months, Nissan, which was overtaken by Toyota in 1998, is currently back in the top spot as the best-selling Asian brand in Europe.

Figures show a 4.3% jump compared to sales in the first half of 2014. Nissan says that it owes this success to the growing sales in the last five years, made possible by the latest Nissan Qashqai and the electric-powered Nissan Leaf, which boosted sales volumes across Europe, particularly in the UK, Spain and Germany.

In Italy, the company has sold a total of 32,611 vehicles, which translates to a 23% increase in car sales. In France, meanwhile, Nissan recorded a 3.7% market share for the first half of 2015, which the company claims is its best on record.


The Qashqai, which is built in Europe, has seen a total 88,000 units delivered to customers in the UK alone, while the electric Nissan Leaf has seen a cumulative total of 184,000 units sold around the world. Additionally, In Russia, some 200,000 X-Trail SUVs have been produced, making Nissan’s St Petersburg plant the fastest growing factory in the country.

According to Guillaume Cartier, Senior vice president of sales and marketing at Nissan Europe, being customer-centric was crucial. “If I speak to a customer, does he care if I’m number one in terms of sales? No. But he cares if am customer-centric,” he told Automotive News Europe.

In the same interview, Cartier added, “I want to be the most desirable Asian brand in terms of product, service and the features we offer. We want to offer innovation and excitement, and we do with our crossovers, with the Leaf and we will do this in the future with autonomous driving features.”