Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, is on a mission of ludicrous proportions. Apparently, the upcoming Tesla Model X SUV will also have the 2016 Model S’ “Ludicrous Mode” to make it the fastest SUV in the world. It will outpace its hard-hitting SUV competitors such as the BMW X5 M, X6 M, Porsche Cayenne Turbo S and Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S.

According to Caradvice, Musk, confirmed that the Model X is on schedule to be introduced later this year, and despite its slightly higher weight over the Model S, its overall performance will not be affected much.

“We will offer the “Ludicrous Mode” on the Model X, and as it will be 10% heavier, you’ll expect the X to do 3.2 or 3.3 seconds from 0-96 km/h, due to the higher centre of gravity,” said Musk.


He goes on to say while the energy usage per mile will be roughly 10% higher than the Model S, the Model X will have a “five or six percent greater battery packing,” so the net range impact will only be around four or five percent compared to the sedan. As such, the top-spec Model X should be able to manage at least 400 km on a single charge.

Interestingly, Musk points out that only 30% of parts will be shared between the X and S models. “At the end of the day we originally thought the X would have a lot of commonality with the S, but in order to make the X great we really had to go to the point where only 30% of parts are common,” he added.

As reported earlier, every Model X will come with all-wheel drive as standard, powered by two independent, digitally controlled electric motors. The highlight will ultimately be its ‘Falcon Wing’ rear doors, which fold up and out of the way to allow easy access to its third row seats.