2016 Daihatsu xenia

Following a leaked product video of the new Avanza, now it’s the turn of the 2016 Daihatsu Xenia to go on the Internet before it’s supposed to. Called the “Great New Xenia,” the rebadged Avanza has popped up on Indonesian site AutonetMagz. Design-wise, the seven-seater is identical to the upcoming Toyota Avanza facelift shown earlier.

A great many variants of the Xenia will be offered: the top-of-the-line Type R Sporty, Type R (not that kind of Type R), Type X Deluxe and M Deluxe as well as Type X, M and D. So there is no shortage of choices for when the Xenia gets introduced in Indonesia.

The report also adds that the Great New Xenia will have a touchscreen head unit for the Type R Sporty variant, while the Type M, 1.0 litre version will come with double-blower air-con for rear passengers. Like the new Avanza, the Great New Xenia is said to have a new reinforced chassis and better cabin sound insulation.

Daihatsu’s very own (sort of) MPV is slated to have an Indonesian market introduction on August 12, the same date in which Toyota will officially launch the Avanza in Indonesia as well. Being a Daihatsu, it will be priced more affordably than the Toyota Avanza, as it always has been in Indonesia. A Daihatsu Great New Xenia, anyone?

2016 Toyota Avanza facelift