Alfa Romeo’s Quadrifoglio Verde badge, the familiar four-leafed clover graphic, is about to become the hallmark of exclusive performance for the marque. The plans for a more exclusive QV range in the future were hinted by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Australia CEO Pat Dougherty to CarAdvice.

“The QV designation will soon be reserved for the Giulia and above, meaning it will come off the Giulietta and models at that end of the Alfa family,” he told the publication. He elaborated that the QV badge will remain unique to the Alfa line-up, saying the Fiat Chrysler experience of splitting SRT into a standalone brand, only to then reinstate it as a Dodge-specific programme as a prime example of what not to do with the QV badge.

“QV will be synonymous with the likes of BMW M and AMG, and would not operate as a standalone brand,” he stated. The publication goes on to speculate that the future of hot hatches within the Alfa Romeo line looks rather murky, but since the next Giulietta will be rear-wheel driven, expect it to take on the quicker BMW 1 series models soon.


Interestingly, Alfa Romeo’s Quadrifoglio Verde badge was not just a symbol but also a good luck charm for racing driver Ugo Sivocci, who drove the Alfa Romeo RL back in 1923. Sivocci’s car was then painted with the green cloverleaf on a white background, and the motif soon became Alfa’s good luck token.

Unfortunately, Sivocci tragically lost his life in a testing accident with the Alfa Romeo P1 during a practice session for the Italian GP at Monza in September on the same year. His car carried the number 17, which was never assigned to Italian racing cars ever again.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio