You’ve seen the first teaser of it and you’ve also seen skateboarder and official Lexus Hoverboard tester, Ross McGouran, say how it feels like it’s “floating on air.” This time, Lexus has released another snippet of its hoverboard, only this time, you actually see it hovering across your screen – for a full seven seconds, that is.

Get this, for fans who have been holding on for the much-awaited hoverboard, it’s slated for an August 5 debut! So we’ll get to see it in action at the Lexus hoverpark, a specially-made skatepark that is rumoured to be in Cubelles, a village near Barcelona, Spain.

On how the the board’s levitation is made possible, well, if you’ve heard of the term “maglev” then you should have some clues as to how it works. In short, it uses superconductors and magnets to achieve the lift that you see in the video.

Additionally, for the hoverboard to work, it requires the superconductors to be kept cool, very cool, by a whole -210 degrees Celsius, which is why liquid nitrogen is needed here, hence the very-awesome looking smoke that you see being discharged from the sides.

If you’re still not sure what the Lexus hoverboard is all about, it’s an innovative gizmo that’s part of the Japanese premium brand’s Amazing in Motion series of projects, which also includes the “Strobe” advertisement which was shot here in our own backyard, Kuala Lumpur. We want a hoverboard too, so we can fulfil out Marty McFly fantasies!