Our capital city was the setting of one of the more striking car advertisements of the year, thanks to Lexus. The one-minute commercial, titled “Strobe”, depicts “an illuminated man’s journey across a city at night.”

Or, rather, several men – a group of acrobats and stuntmen were suspended across some of Kuala Lumpur’s tallest buildings, wearing custom-made LED light suits that were lit up in succession to create a stroboscopic effect. As seen in the video, this creates the illusion of a “Lightman” leaping and jumping across the city skyline, ending with a Lexus RC F lighting up. Computer Magic’s song “Running” was the soundtrack.

The ad was created by CHI & Partners London and was directed by commercials and music video director Adam Berg. 40 engineers from Thailand came together to erect and control the large-scale rigging from which the acrobats were suspended.


The light suits, designed by Hollywood costume designer Vin Burnham and special effects designer Adam Wright, took six weeks to build. Each suit contains 1,680 wirelessly-controlled LED lights and was inspired by Lexus’ current design cues such as the spindle grille and the RC F’s LED headlights.

“Strobe”, which will run globally across TV, cinema, print, outdoor, digital and social media, is the third project in the “Amazing In Motion” series. The other two, “Steps” and “Swarm” also toyed with the concept of roaming around a city, the former with two 11-foot puppets, the latter with swarms (hah!) of quadcopters.