pajero sport dashboard

The new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is making its world debut tomorrow in Bangkok, but we’ve seen much of it already. From the new ‘Dynamic Shield’ face to the long-tailed rear lamps, the seven-seater Triton-based SUV looks set for battle against the new Toyota Fortuner and fresh Ford Everest.

One thing we have not seen so far is the cabin, but here it is, the first leaked shots of the new Pajero Sport’s dashboard, posted up on Although the dash is clearly based on the Triton’s, MMC has put in some effort to differentiate it, as they should for a more premium offering.

Mitsubishi Triton VGT Adventure 46The Pajero Sport’s dash top is from the Triton, but its centre console is flowing and one-piece in design

The dash top is carried over, and you can tell by the placement and shape of the air con vents and instrument binnacle. The dual-zone climate control panel is also familiar. What’s new is not just the steering wheel – from the truck’s three-spoke unit to a more substantial-looking four-spoke wheel with more buttons – but the section where the centre stack joins the centre console.

The layout is more flowing in design here, giving the whole centre section a one-piece look to it. As a result, the automatic gear lever (new design) appears to be position higher than in the Triton, and is there a Honda HR-V style storage space below it? Behind the gear lever is a collection of controls which include a rotary dial for the 4X4 system and an electronic parking brake – no manual lever here.

MMC has added colour to the dials and a bigger screen (with navigation) for the Pajero Sport

The SUV’s meter panel also looks more upmarket, with a nice blue theme. The central colour screen includes navigation info as well. The Triton’s meter panel, even in top-spec VGT Adventure form, is more utilitarian in design and function. Also new is the door card design, which now has an elaborate door grip.

The effort to make the Pajero Sport’s cabin more premium and high-tech in feel over the Triton’s is pretty effective in our view. What do you think?