You’ve got to hand it to Mercedes-Benz. This new promotional video for the Mercedes GLE Coupe just hits the mark. It has got a cinematic feel to it right from the start. You’ve got F1 champ Lewis Hamilton giving the usual spiel about how what keeps him motivated, and just how challenging being in F1 can be.

The positioning of this GLE Coupe in the psyche of its demographic is a true tribute to the hallmarks of this iconic marque. “I like to be on the edge, nothing is ever fast enough for a Formula 1 driver, you always want to go faster. The GLE coupe looks so sleek, it’s got like a S-Coupe rear-end,” he says.

“It handles really well, it’s lighter, younger than a big GLE. I’m just me, I race, I love it, I’m good at it, that hunger is still there, and when I drive I feel like there is nothing I cant do with the car,” says Lewis.

If you have a two-time F1 world champion as part of the this huge conglomerate, you might as well take full advantage of this fact. The GLE Coupe has a new take on style and substance, with its sensual lines and powerful engine variants. It’s going to take on the BMW X6, and it will be interesting to see how this battle for outright supremacy pans out.

Do check out the video above, it’s definitely worth a look.