Spy-Shots of Cars

If there’s one thing that BMW excels at doing, it’s discovering a niche within a niche when it comes to planning ahead for new models – to an extent that some might even begin to question the necessity for some of its current models that were spawned as alternatives to its mainstream products in the first place.

Case in point, spyshots of what looks to be the BMW 1 Series Sport Cross that our spy photographers have managed to obtain. First, a bit of a refresher course for some who are less familiar with said model. Understand that back in 2014, rumours of a BMW X2 began to seep online. The alleged new model was slated to slot in between the BMW X1 and BMW X4.

Soon enough, the hype surrounding the X2 died down only for new reports to surface, hinting that the original blueprint for the X2 was to be scrapped – replaced by the BMW 1 Series Sport Cross or Xcite, as it is known internally. According to BMWBlog, the Sport Cross “will straddle two segments.”

Spy-Shots of Cars

Should development gain momentum and as the camo falls away, expect the BMW 1 Series Sport Cross to feature a hybrid body style between that of a SUV and a regular hatch. Said crossover is also slated to ride atop the marque’s UKL front-wheel drive platform and arrive motivated by a range of turbocharged three- and four-cylinder engines. Higher-spec models will most likely be equipped with the xDrive all-wheel drive system.

While the prototype pictured here remains heavily camouflaged, a closer look reveals that the prototype possesses a marginally shorter front overhang compared to the recently-unveiled F48 BMW X1. Also, the mule appears to have a sloping roofline and relatively blunt rear end. Though we do not have shots of the interior, sources are claiming that the interior architecture is also completely alien to the layout of the X1.

Judging from the fact that said project has been rebooted, expect the BMW 1 Series Sport Cross to make its debut somewhere down the line in the distant future – a five-door variant is expected to hit the show stands in 2018, followed by a three-door variant in 2019. Prices should exceed that of the BMW X1.

GALLERY: F48 BMW X1 driven