Red Bull has done it again. Here is Felix Baumgartner in an aerobatic helicopter chasing a 1,000 hp Toyota 86 piloted by Polish drifting ace Jakub Przygoski at Debrzno Airfield – a former Polish Air Force base. You have to wonder just what can Felix Baumgartner not do?

This Austrian is a skydiver, base jumper and just all-round daredevil extraordinaire. Nothing fazes him, and after jumping from 38,970 metres and setting the record for the fastest speed of free fall at 1,357 km/h, making him the fastest human to break the sound barrier, he’s at it again.

Apparently, one of Baumgartner’s passion is to fly helicopters and his skills were showcased in Poland during the recent Red Bull Heli Drifting performances. Here we have him at the controls of a Bolkov BO105 aerobatic helicopter, and the main challenge was to see how close the chopper could track the movements of the car.

There is even a military transport truck that is towing a vintage MIG-21 from the Polish Air Force as well, and it’s pretty cool to watch the car drifting around it with Felix doing his thing from above.

The video is pretty incredible, and one shot of the helicopter coming in to knock a target off the car was particularly scary for both Baumgartner and Przygoski. “He was so close that he hit the GoPro camera attached to my car,” said Jakub. “The helicopter was at 160 km/h about 30cm above my head and if I’m honest it was a pretty scary moment.”