Good news, folks. We’ve been informed by various industry sources that the upgraded Petronas Euro 4M RON 97 fuel is readily available at all Petronas petrol stations in Peninsular Malaysia as of now.

Best yet, the new formulation effectively replaces the previous Euro 2M-grade Primax 97, and carries the same price tag of RM2.45 per litre, inclusive of GST. It may not be publicised or branded as such yet, but opt for RON 97 fuel in Petronas and you’ll be getting Euro 4M RON 97.

Petronas previously announced in April that it would start selling its new Euro 4M RON 97 formulation in September this year. We now know that it has been rolled out a few weeks ahead of plans. Our sources have also revealed that the upgraded fuel will be launched nationwide, Sabah and Sarawak included, very soon.

It’s also worth noting that Petronas’ new Euro 4M RON 97 fuel is coming out of its local refineries, and not imported from elsewhere.

Euro 4 fuel calls for a maximum of 50 ppm (parts per million) of sulphur, compared to Euro 2 standard’s 500 ppm. This significant reduction will have a positive effect on vehicle emissions, besides other benefits. We at will have a more in-depth story on this new fuel soon.

Car companies and the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) umbrella body have long called for better quality fuel (compared to the current Euro 2M standard) for them to be able to bring in the engines with the latest technology. Now this, is as good a start as any!