Aside from the alarming number of road rage incidents, it would appear that car thieves are quickly racking up their fair share of steals, as well. One notable incident has just been caught on camera via a CCTV system and uploaded by the unlucky owner of a stolen Singaporean-registered Honda Civic.

What makes this particular incident all the more frightening is that the thief managed to gain access into the car and escape in it in less than 10 seconds. The incident is understood to have occurred at a popular shopping mall in Johor Bahru. According to reports, the owner believes that the thief possessed “some sort of master key and remote” which enabled him to pull off the daring move in broad daylight.

The video itself shows a white car pulling up to the victim’s Honda Civic (registration number SDX3505S), from which a man emerged only to walk up to the driver’s side door and enter the car without any form of hindrance. Within seconds, the thief had reversed the car and sped off from the CCTV’s field of vision.

While there are ways to counter road bullies, responding to stolen vehicles are a lot more complicated. Firstly, always remember to lock your car – even if you were to leave it unattended for less than a minute. Also, try your best to park in a brightly-lit car park with relatively high human and vehicular traffic. There is no guarantee against car thieves but at least we can all do our part to make their lives harder.