Let’s face it, we are all eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Honda NSX, but according to latest reports, production of the car has been delayed from the tail end of 2015 to the middle of next year.

Apparently, the main reason for this delay is a late change in engine layout, from a naturally-aspirated V6 engine to a turbocharged unit. The fundamental change meant building a bespoke V6 engine and switching it to a longitudinal configuration, instead of a transverse layout it was originally designed for.

Interestingly, Autoblog reports that the new engine blocks and heads will be sourced from UK engine specialist Cosworth, to be assembled into twin-turbo powerhouses at Honda’s engine plant in Anna, Ohio. Building a longitudinal twin-turbo engine required the designers to lengthen their final design. This has been attributed as one of the key factors of the production delay.

As they say, the devil is in the details. Autoblog found out that the designers used black paint to lighten the look of the side mirrors too, with the top half of it and half of the arm painted in body colour, while the rest of it has a gloss black effect.

This little snippet of information leads us nicely to another revelation. Apparently, Acura/Honda will allow buyers of the NSX to craft a custom order based on paint, interior hues, wheel styles, optional carbon-fibre parts and trim such as a carbon-fibre roof, side sills, rear diffuser and engine dress-up kits. This is going to be like a Gran Turismo configurator game screen, but just infinitely better.

Finally, this is just amazing. It seems that the new NSX will have 47 individual computers to control the various electronics and powertrain systems as well. That is just super complex, and let’s hope it all comes together when it’s ready for production.