Mercedes-Benz hasn’t unveiled the new W213 E-Class to the world yet but they’re already working on a long wheelbase version for markets like China. Our spy photos above show the long wheelbase E-Class (on the top) compared to the normal E-Class.

As you can see, the rear door’s window is significantly longer and the pillar next to the rear quarter glass seems to be much thicker compared to just a thin strip with the normal E-Class, effectively giving it both a C and D pillar. Although camo is still thick on this prototype, you can see that the outline of the rear door is different – it curves back to meet this pillar instead of the rear-most pillar.

This treatment is similiar to what’s found on the X222 extended wheelbase S-Class compared to the regular V222 long wheelbase S-Class. If you compare this to the long wheelbase W212, that thick pillar did not exist – the car simply had longer windows.

We wonder if the Mercedes-Maybach name will be used for the upcoming long wheelbase E-Class then?