Here is the next generation Hyundai Equus on test. The Equus is a segment up on the most expensive Hyundai currently on sale in Malaysia which is the Genesis.

If you’re wondering what it goes up against, you just need to look at what the Koreans have brought along on this test. Yes, it’s none other than the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Our spy photographers even managed to snag some shots of the new Equus interior. Looks like the Equus will receive two large screens positioned close next to each other just like the S-Class.

You can see that Hyundai has spared no expense in giving the Equus interior an up market feel – just look at the switches and knobs, which appear to have a premium metal look to them.

Rear cabin space will be spacious given the segment that this car will play in. This particular car has a five-seater interior, but Hyundai will probably offer four seater versions with a console going in between the two rear seats as well.

Since the current generation on sale was introduced in 2009 and facelifted in 2012, expect this full model change to debut soon.