Mercedes-Benz has engineered yet another great series, entitled ‘Meals On Wheels‘. It’s basically a cooking show on board the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo! Louis Tikaram, a 29-year-old top chef, who works in his own E.P. & L.P. Restaurant in Los Angeles is the star here – other than the V-Class-based camper van, that is.

“It’s more spacious than I had thought!” exclaims Louis of the interior of the Marco Polo while finely chopping chillies, onions and garlic. “I would never have thought that the Marco Polo has so much space for cooking”, declares guest Verena Niepoort, surprised.

“The workmanship is high quality and the equipment is practical. In addition to the gas stove, the tap and the fridge are a real help when cooking fresh meals. And combined with the delicious aroma of food coming from a camper van and not from a big kitchen, it is almost a little surreal. A brilliant experience,” Louis adds.

Be warned, watching this video can definitely make you work up an appetite! Bon appetit!