MINI Surfboard 4 crop

Never thought the surfboard could be reinvented, did you? Well, MINI did. In collaboration with Channel Islands Surfboards, the British automaker took the time to come up with a surfboard that, in MINI’s own words, “surfs like a MINI.”

The first thought that would come to mind is whether its size has been scaled down. Well yes, but just by a little. The MINI is shorter in length than a normal surfboard, and it comes with larger fins at the tail-end of the board, a low rocker and a wider nose overall.

Development of the surfboard saw the involvement of US Open surfing champion, Kalani Robb, who is a MINI owner himself. He worked alongside Christoper Weil, Head of Exterior Design at MINI. The board is said to be able to cut through waves at speeds through its shorter design.

“To create this feeling of agility and speed, we’ve developed a board with a little extra tail volume. The board’s wider outline and low rocker really make it fly,” Robb said. The surfboard is slated for a launch at Croyde Surf Academy in the UK.

Starting price for the MINI (surfboard) is £580 (RM3,703). It’s customisable – surfers can get theirs in various combinations of colours and schemes – and can be ordered at Channel Island shops online. So, a MINI surfboard – any takers?