Mercedes-AMG GT S Prior Design 1

Bodykit specialist Prior-Design has decided to give the Mercedes-AMG GT S a new look – a wide-body kit that adds more aggressiveness to the sports coupe. No changes have been done to the powertrain, if you’re asking, so it’s purely cosmetic.

The wide-body appearance is made possible through the addition of extended side fenders for both the front and rear, while the smooth bonnet has been replaced with a ventilated one that features dual scoops on each side. Pretty or OTT? You decide.

Among the other items added include a black front lip spoiler, air intake surrounds and canards in the rear. Also, a fluidly-designed diffuser and a one-piece spoiler are added onto the coupe’s behind. Down the sides, the it’s fitted with side skirts with aerodynamic fins.

As said earlier, no engine tuning of suspension tweaks have been added to the GT S to match its street racer look. No matter, as it still churns out 510 hp and 650 Nm of twist through its standard 4.0 litre V8 twin-turbo mill. How does it drive? Read our review of the sports coupe to find out.

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