Now, this is one really good looking sedan. Dongfeng Citroen has just released initial details and pictures of its new C4 sedan, which is set to premiere at the Chengdu Motor Show tomorrow. It has been designed exclusively for the Chinese market, and will be produced at Wuhan.

Powered by a 130 hp three-cylinder petrol engine, the Dongfeng Citroen C4 will replace the C-Quatre as the company’s ‘C-middle’ (China-specific class) offering. It will slot in between the ‘C-entry’ C-Elysee and the ‘C-upper’ C4 L.

This is important model for Dongfeng Citroën, as the C-Quatre accounted for nearly 30% of its sales in 2014. In fact, the C-middle sedan segment in general accounted for 60% of all passenger car sales in the country last year.

More spacious and comfortable, the new C4 sedan is said to have moved up-market in terms of perceived quality and available features. New equipment includes a touchscreen system fitted as standard, keyless entry and start and a blind spot monitoring system.