The rear passengers of a G11 BMW 7 Series no longer has a secondary iDrive knob to fiddle around with. Instead of a rotary knob, the BMW 7 Series now comes with a touch screen tablet that docks into the centre armrest called BMW Touch Command.

If you think it looks like a typical Samsung tablet, you’re right. BMW’s collaboration with Samsung on this matter was previewed as early as January this year at CES 2015.

Lift the production BMW Touch Command tablet out of its crash-certified dock and turn it around and you’ll see the words Made by Samsung along with with the model code SM-T230NY. A simple Google reveals this to be a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 WiFi. It even has a camera on the back.

The tablet boots up straight to BMW’s interface, and the home button takes you back to this interface as well. The interface can control all kinds of features like interior lighting, shades, seats, navigation, entertainment and communication. Kudos to BMW for developing an app that feels pretty smooth despite there being quite a bit of animations going on.

If you select the Apps feature you can access the standard Android interface where you have full freedom to do whatever you like as per with any other WiFi Android tablet. There’s even a Google Play Store so you can install your own apps. You can expand the internal storage with a MicroSD slot.

We recorded a short clip of us toying around with the Touch Command tablet at this week’s international press drive of the BMW 7 Series. Watch the video above to check out the tablet in action.