Inspiration 911 sculpture 1 Cropped

Just how do you celebrate your best-selling car? Why, by putting it on a pedestal. Porsche has quite literally done just that – the German sports car maker has erected three pillars to mount its iconic 911 range, one on each prong.

To mark the day the first 911 rolled off the production line in 1963, the company took to the stage recently to launch a 24 metre-high sculpture that sits in front of the Porsche museum in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart. The monument was dreamt up by Gerry Judah, a British artist whose work can be seen at almost every Goodwood Festival.

In case you ever get to see it, remember its name – “Inspiration 911.” The vehicles chosen for the structure come from three generations of 911’s – the 901, 930 and the present generation 991. To welcome the addition of the new monument, Porsche presented it to the public with an evening lightshow, a film showcase and some vehicle choreography.

Inspiration 911 sculpture 2 Cropped

Porsche CEO Matthias Müller said “the sculpture is more than a work of art. It is also a symbol for our company’s close ties with Stuttgart,” referring to Porsche’s accumulated investment of €1.1 billion (RM5.2 billion) for facilities in and around Stuttgart over the years. An additional €1.1 billion has been designated for the safeguarding of locations in Zuffenhausen.

On a separate but similar note, PR personnel at Porsche were very clever to angle the pictures carefully so as not to reveal too much because if one looks closely, the 991 Porsche sitting up there is actually the facelift, which is set to receive an official unveiling at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. We think that’s a darn good way to cement an icon, don’t you?