top gear trio

As reported earlier, it has been a fairy tale so far for Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, after the trio found a home on Amazon Prime next year. Former Top Gear executive Andy Wilman will be producing the yet to be named show.

Interestingly, Netflix’s Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt told UK’s Digital Spy that the trio are not worth the money being paid by rival streaming service Amazon Prime. Clarkson and friends will have a £160 million (RM1.06 billion) budget to make 36 hour-long episodes, which translates to £4.4 million (RM29.3 million) per episode.

“We have past episodes of Top Gear, so we have a pretty good gauge of what audiences like,” he said. Hunt stressed that Netflix’s buying decisions are “somewhat data-driven” and that’s why he believes the trio “sold themselves for way more money than they’re worth.”

Hunt told the publication that Netflix is not bothered by Amazon’s spending power, even with the amazing sums that the former Top Gear stars are raking in. “We’re much bigger, so we have bigger cheques to write,” Hunt said, adding that “there might be other people ranting, but we’re still in a good place.”