Depending on how strong one’s sense of humour is, the Thunder Power EV already has the Tesla Model S licked when it comes to model/make designations. The Taiwanese electric vehicle manufacturer has just released a sole teaser shot of its yet-to-be-named model before its scheduled debut in Frankfurt this month.

We weren’t kidding on the car taking the fight to Tesla, as well. According to Auto Express, said Taiwan-based manufacturer will be looking to place the Model S directly in the crosshairs of its new EV vehicle. As for the car itself, the teaser doesn’t appear to reveal much but we can more or less deduce that the car will feature “Italian design” and “European engineering.”


Tesla Model S pictured.

A closer look at the boomerang-shaped headlights and jagged grille does show a Maserati-esque face while a panoramic glass roof should provide it with a dose of extra pizzazz. On the engineering side of things, the marque also appears to have hired former Bugatti technician, Peter Tutzer, to lead the project. The Thunder Power EV is reportedly undergoing testing in Milan before its 2017 launch.

Spec wise, the car is expected to arrive powered by an electric motor that produces the equivalent of 430 hp. Straight line performance figures suggests a 0-100 km/h time of less than five seconds while top speed is said to be 250 km/h. An operational range of up to 600 km has been touted. Also mentioned is the car’s expected price tag of “over” £40,000 (RM265,484).

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