Mazda Koeru Frankfurt 23

The Mazda Koeru concept, which is making its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, is billed as a new crossover SUV concept – the study could possibly preview a sportier CX-5 for the near future.

Said concept rides on a 2,700 mm wheelbase, which matches that of the CX-5. It’s also 4,600 mm long, 1,900 mm wide and 1,500 mm tall, compared to the CX-5’s 4,555 mm, 1,840 mm and 1,670 mm respectively.

It’s definitely a mean looking SUV, especially with its blacked-out A-pillars further lending to its ground-hugging stance. Its wheelarches are massive, matched to equally large 21-inch wheels.

Mazda claims that the Koeru is built on a “lightweight yet rigid body and chassis,” with “driver-focuses suspension and steering.” It’s also said to have aerodynamic additions that enhance vehicle stability, especially at higher speeds.

It’s clear, then, that this is meant to be a lower-slung, more driver-oriented SUV that Mazda intends to bring to the market sometime in the near future. Its wheelbase also points to it being based on the CX-5, which means it’s not a mere design study with little chance of making it into production.

So folks, fancy a sportier Mazda CX-5 SUV?