No need to buckle up when you’re driving just a couple metres down the road, right? Wrong. The Connecticut State Police have partnered with the Department of Public Safety of Hartford University to introduce a rather nifty contraption called ‘The Convincer’ – said “ride” is a seat belt safety simulation device that supposedly allows students to experience the impact of an 8 km/h collision.

Safe to say that most, if not all, of the students who had a go in ‘The Convincer’ experienced a rude awakening – just watch the video for yourself and check out their reactions. During a run, a police officer even went as far as to compare the impact to a “knockout punch” after a participant was visibly jolted in his seat upon impact. Enough to make you buckle up the next time you drive around a parking lot? We hope so.


However, it has to be said that a number of comments accompanying the video did point out several inaccuracies surrounding the device. Notably, one commenter pointed out that the impact represents more than an 8 km/h collision as the front bumper of a car would absorb the force instead.

Aside from the vehicle itself, commenters were also quick to note that the outcome could vary depending on what obstacle one has crashed into – an 8 km/h impact against a brick wall would yield completely different results compared to a collision with similar speeds into a shrub, for instance. For what’s it worth, though, ‘The Convincer’ is a great reminder on the importance of buckling up – no matter the speed.