German brand Volkswagen announced earlier last year that it was developing a 10-speed dual-clutch transmission to add to its current line of six- and seven- speeds DSG gearboxes. Now, sources have told that the DQ551 10-speed DSG has been cancelled due to a couple of reasons.

A source apparently told the publication that the gearbox is a very expensive and complex development, making it impractical. As such, the brand has thus chosen to put its focus instead on other, more pressing developments elsewhere. “In the end, we had to balance what our priorities were with our transmissions and other things are more important and more urgent,” the source told the publication in Frankfurt.

The planned gearbox was said to be able to take on up to 500 Nm of torque and could be installed in both transverse or longitudinal engine bays. Additionally, the main purpose for the extra gears was reportedly to increase the efficiency of cars by up to 15%.


The 10-speed gearbox was reportedly set to feature in the next-generation Mk8 Golf GTI and supposedly in the more powerful Golf R 400 as well as the upcoming Polo. Currently, the brand already has a conventional torque converter eight-speed automatic gearbox from Aisin, which is found on the second-gen Volkswagen Touareg.

If the sources are true, brands such as Ford and Mercedes-Benz are set to be in the lead for having the most gear ratios around – the former will be installing a 10-speeder into its F-150 Raptor and the 2018 Ford Mustang, while the latter has a nine-speed 9G-Tronic gearbox installed in the Mercedes-Benz GLC.