BAC Mono Marine Edition-05

British carmaker Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has unveiled a different sort of Mono – this one is aimed at those with discerning tastes (and a luxury yacht). The BAC Mono Marine Edition, as it’s called, is built with the high seas in mind; it comes with specific customisation options that enables it to be taken on-board super-yachts. It costs £500,000 (RM2.3 million) for one.

Based on the 2016 BAC Mono, it has an updated 2.5 litre Mountune engine that produces 304 hp. The Mono Marine Edition’s weight stays the same at just 580 kg thanks to its carbon fibre frame, hence the reason why the company describes it as “ideally suited” for the luxury marine lifestyle due to its light weight.

Customisation to the special-edition Mono include an anti-corrosion coating for its components to ensure that the car doesn’t suffer from rust brought about from exposure to salt spray.

BAC Mono Marine Edition-06

Additionally, the marine Mono is also fitted with a carbon fibre crane arm that complies with all yacht crane systems as well as custom chassis lifting points, which allow the car to be mounted to the yacht’s helipads to secure it in place.

The Mono’s interior and exterior can be further customised as well, according to BAC. When an order has been placed, BAC will transport the Mono in an Environment Control Container system complete with temperature and humidity controls to keep the single-seater safe from the marine environment.

Built to order, the Mono is produced at BAC’s new factory in Liverpool, where targeted production has now increased from one Mono a month to four. The company says that the increase in production is to cater to the strong demand from customers in the US, South America and Asia.