While everyone was busy soaking in the Bentley Bentayga in Germany, our European spy photographers were hard at work grabbing shots of what looks to be a prototype of the Bentley Mulsanne facelift in Spain. At first glance, the photos might reveal a mildly updated sedan but a closer look shows that this particular mule is far, far longer than the current Mulsanne – and that’s not exactly a small car to begin with.

The aforementioned discovery has led us to believe that the next round of updates for Bentley’s flagship sedan will include a long wheelbase (LWB) variant. Elsewhere, the sparsely-camouflaged prototype appears to have adopted a reconfigured headlight layout along with a sportier-looking front bumper.


As mentioned, the most noticeable change is the inclusion of much longer rear doors. Bentley has also decided to tape up the character line that runs from the taillight assembly before terminating just fore of the rear door handles. Also visible on the mule is a rear sunroof that should further elevate the ambience of the facelifted Mulsanne’s cabin.

With so much emphasis placed on the rear portion of the cabin, logic would dictate that the updated Mulsanne will most probably arrive with a host of new rear-seat entertainment systems. Under the bonnet, the biturbo 6.75 litre V8 engine is expected to feature minor tweaks could see power figures increase by a decent margin. Naturally, the increase in horsepower and torque will be echoed with improved fuel efficiency.

GALLERY: Bentley Mulsanne Speed