bentley mulsanne speed blue train

To commemorate the historic ‘Blue Train’ race won by the Bentley Speed Six in 1930, Bentley is coming out with the Mulsanne Speed ‘Blue Train’, a limited edition of four examples. The ‘Blue Train’ Limited Edition will be built by Mulliner, the automaker’s bespoke coachbuilding division.

No changes to the massaged 6.75 litre twin-turbo V8 in this one, with its 537 PS and 1,100 Nm continuing on, but each of the cars will pay homage to the 1930 Speed Six with bespoke features and intricate historical references.

Cues include a veneer image of the original Bentley ‘Blue Train’ Speed Six crafted into the dashboard fascia, a square mesh design on the front grille that’s inspired by original Speed Six and ‘Blue Train 85 Years’ wording on the car’s treadplate plaques.

The first ‘Blue Train’ Limited Edition will also feature a personalised hamper – complete with silver-plated cutlery, porcelain crockery, crystal champagne flutes and an Angora picnic rug – trimmed with Burnt Oak and Camel hide to match the interior of the car.

The ‘Blue Train’ heritage came about 85 years ago, when Bentley chairman Woolf Barnato, who was staying at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes, accepted a wager that not only could he beat the Calais-Mediterranée Express or ‘Blue Train’ back to Calais but that he could be at his club in London before the train even reached the English Channel. He beat the train to the tape by four minutes.