In a follow-up to the growing US-based scandal involving the discovery of “defeat devices” in Volkswagen diesel cars, now-embattled CEO of the German brand, Martin Winterkorn, has come out with a public apology, issued through a video.

Labelling it as a “misconduct,” the CEO stated that the “irregularities” found in the group’s diesel engines went against the brand’s principles. Winterkorn added that the brand is “working hard” to get the answers that they are currently lacking. “To do that, we are putting everything on the table, as quickly, thoroughly and transparently as possible,” he said.

He went on to say that “manipulation and Volkswagen, that must never be allowed to happen again.” Apologising for the broken trust that the scandal has brought about, the CEO yet again apologised to Volkswagen’s customers, authorities and the general public, further mentioning that the company will do “everything necessary” to regain trust, “step-by-step.”

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Explaining that the issue was caused by the mistakes of “a few,” Winterkorn hoped that the public in general would not cast a bad light on the automaker’s other employees. “In our Group, more than 600,000 people work to build the best cars for our customers. I would like to say to our employees, I know just how much dedication, how much true sincerity you bring to your work day after day,” he stated.

“We will get to the bottom of this. We are working very hard on the necessary technical solutions. And we will do everything we can to avert damage to our customers and employees. I give you my word, we will do all of this with the greatest possible openness and transparency,” he vowed.

It was previously reported that Winterkorn’s contract was already unanimously approved for a four-year extension. However, rumours have been circulating about the CEO’s position at the company, which has now turned out to be uncertain. The final outcome will only be known on Friday, when the Supervisory Board is set to meet to finalise the matter of the CEO’s tenure.

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