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Singaporean motorists entering Malaysia need not worry on missing the deadline for registration of the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP), according to a report by The Straits Times. The English-language daily has reported that the earlier proposed cutoff date of October 1 for Singaporeans to register their respective vehicles has now been pushed forward to “the end of the year at least.”

The move is brought about in order to provide the Malaysian authorities additional time to refine the radio frequency identification tag (RFID) to make said system impervious to cloning and/or tampering. “Don’t worry. If you have no tag on Oct 1, you will not be stopped at the border,” commented a spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport Malaysia (Malaysian MOT).

“The latest decision is that we want a better tag that is tamper- and clone-proof, so we are trying to enhance the tag at this point of time,” added said spokesperson. The finalisation of the RFID’s architecture is expected to be completed in about four months from now, hence the postponement. Following the confirmation of the RFID’s final design, registered owners will then be provided information in regards to the pickup of said tags.

While exact details have yet to be confirmed, the current plan is to have owners collect their respective RFID tags at several key locations including roadside rest areas. As for the cutoff date for vehicles to display their RFID tags, nothing has been set in stone just yet. “We will announce the cut-off date for all Singaporean vehicles to display the tag when we are ready. It could be in June next year,” added the MOT spokesperson.

Earlier in September 2015, it was revealed that only around 45,000 Singaporean vehicles have registered for the VEP and RC (road charges) levied on foreign vehicles entering Malaysia. According to reports, the lower-than-expected figures could be attributed to several issues with the online registration platform, which is the only way for motorists to register.