singapore road

According to Bernama, only 45,000 Singaporean vehicles have registered for the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) and, to a certain extent, the Road Charges (RC) levied on such vehicles entering Malaysia. “Only 45,000 foreign vehicles have registered for the VEP compared to the expected 500,000 vehicles,” said State Public Works, Rural and Regional Development Committee chairman, Datuk Hasni Mohammad.

Hasni also commented that said VEP registration system, which only facilitates online registration, required additional troubleshooting and improvements. “The two weeks starting Aug 15 did not allow all the foreign vehicles to be registered online or over the counter,” he added. The trial period for the implementation of the VEP system began on September 1.

Motorists will be required to pay a RM20 VEP fee when entering Malaysia beginning October 1 – transactions will be exclusively facilitated via Touch ‘n Go cards. The registration period has been extended to October 1 to allow for the delivery of RFID (radio frequency identification) cards – Singaporean drivers will be required to pay RM10 for the aforementioned RC registration, which is valid for five years.

The VEP will remain active all day, every day and involves private vehicles of all classes. On the other hand, motorcycles, public buses, taxis and government vehicles will be exempted from paying the VEP fee although said vehicles will still be required to register.