Jaguar Oliver Sweeney shoes-07

Two British brands have collaborated to co-develop driving shoes. Automaker Jaguar and shoe designer Oliver Sweeney have joined forces to create a pair of formal driving shoes to honour Malcolm Sayer and Harry Weslake. A pair of shoes will set one back £325 (RM2,203).

Sayer was the man behind the designs of the Jaguar C-type, D-type, E-type, XJ-S and the XJ13, while Weslake was the company’s engine designer. Hence, the shoes were appropriately named Weslake and Sayer, after the two. The shoes will go on sale in the UK from October 1 onwards.

The exterior of the shoe follows the design of Jaguar vehicles – a curved sewn panel at the ankle area, with a line that resembles the D-pillar of the XJ. As for the front toe area, Jaguar says it is meant to resemble the signature squared grille on every Jaguar, including the F-Pace and F-type.

Jaguar Oliver Sweeney shoes-05

The shoes were designed in the same technique employed by Jaguar design; moulded, sculpted and refined in clay, followed by 3D printing in which composite plastics were used for pre-production. The prototypes were then sent to Oliver Sweeney’s factory in Italy, where they were handcrafted and stitched.

The shoe has a super-flexible but firm sole, which is meant to maximise driving comfort and emphasise its styling. The heel area is chamfered to ensure a pivot point aimed at giving better pedal control and finally polished in a waist-less finish that ensures the shoes don’t get caught in the pedals.