Toyota previously announced that it would be investing some US$50 million (RM216 million) into researching semi-autonomous driving tech. Japanese automaker Toyota is now giving us a small glimpse of its progress. The tech is called Highway Teammate.

In the video previewed, the test car isn’t exactly a Toyota but a pre-facelift Lexus GS, moving along in live traffic. Fitted with sensory equipment such as a “millimetre wave radar,” a light detection and ranging sensor (LIDAR) and a camera placed atop the front mid section of the roof.

The graphics in the video indicate that it can sense its surroundings alongside road markings, detection of vehicles in the front, sides and blindspot areas.

All of this helps the self-driving GS to brake, accelerate, intersect traffic as well as plan forward before it passes slower traffic. Interesting to note that the 12.3-inch electronic multi-vision screen displays the exact pattern of the road ahead and the direction the vehicle is going to cut into.

As stated previously by Toyota, their version of this self-driving tech is not entirely autonomous. According to the company it will instead still require the driver’s attention and perhaps input, for that matter.