The Mitsubishi eX Concept has been revealed ahead of its debut at the upcoming 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, set to be held later this month. Said all-electric concept is to be exhibited as a “showcase of MMC’s (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation) next-generation electric vehicle (EV) technologies” and could very well preview the marque’s next-generation compact crossover model as well.

Looks wise, the Mitsubishi eX Concept is set to feature the brand’s latest take on its trademark ‘Dynamic Shield’ front grille design. The bold, chunky outlook is said to provide “a strong presence” via “a very dense, solid form.” The Japanese carmaker claims that the overall design was meant to project a look that makes it seem as though the Mitsubishi eX Concept was “carved from a single block.”


Elsewhere, the concept crossover’s shooting brake-inspired silhouette allows for a boot that “provides ample space for outdoor pursuit gear” to cater to potential owners with an active lifestyle. Another interesting design cue to note is the location of the headlights which have been repositioned to the lower ends of the front fascia in order “to prevent blinding oncoming vehicles and pedestrians.”

Where the headlights usually reside, Mitsubishi has decided to place the turn signals and LED daytime running lights into a single, streamlined assembly. At the rear of the car, the stylised taillights along with the contrasting black accents on the tailgate help to mirror the overall outlook as seen in front.


Under the skin, the Mitsubishi eX Concept is just as revolutionary. Said show crossover will arrive powered by Mitsubishi’s “next-generation EV system” that is comprised of a pair of “high-output electric motors.” Each motor is quoted to put out the equivalent of 94 hp while the entire setup is juiced up by a 45 kWh lithium-ion battery – the latter is mounted beneath the body for the lowest possible centre of gravity.

The Mitsubishi eX Concept features the brand’s Twin Motor 4WD and S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) system. A “cruising range” of 400 km on the JCO8 cycle has been touted. Moving on, access to the cabin is done via a set of suicide doors thanks to the absence of a B-pillar on the concept.


To further build on the shooting brake inspiration, the seats are decked out in contrasting colours to provide “a different ambience.” Additionally, soft-touch material has been employed liberally across the cabin while a “framed structure” allows for not just a simpler layout visually but also for a body that’s much lighter as a whole. Also, two portable batteries are presented to further augment an active lifestyle.

Another standout feature on the inside is the inclusion of an augmented reality (AR) windshield. Said system, together with the Intelligent Display platform, projects vital information into the driver’s field of vision. The Caution Tracking system builds on this by using vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-road and vehicle-to-pedestrian communications to warn drivers of possible road hazards.