Audi Germany has released a new advertisement for its Audi Approved :plus range of used cars, putting emphasis on the full five-year warranty offered on each one. Called “Relaxed,” the 45-second spot both impresses and confuses with its peculiar use of stunt driving.

The ad sees a bunch of hip young models (the people, not the cars) doing things hip young people do when chilling out, like reading, drinking tea, browsing their phones and standing around looking moody – all while hanging off a bunch of moving Audis. That guy standing on top of an A5 on two wheels looks particularly brave.

According to director Bruce St Clair, the film is supposed to represent the “relaxed feeling that it is when you drive an Audi.” The company is certainly promising a worry-free experience with Audi Approved :plus – aside from the aforementioned five-year warranty, there’s also an 110-point inspection, financing, leasing, insurance and trade-in services, as well as the ability to exchange within 10 working days of making a purchase.

We’re just not sure quite how this ad ties in to all that. Maybe we’re just a little jaded…