Give most kids a couple of toy cars, and before you know it, the little objects are being smashed against each other. But what happens when it’s not possible to do so, no matter how hard you try?

That’s the premise of this Mercedes-Benz video, which isn’t really about getting the kids angry, crying and even a bit loony at the end, despite the drama, but rather about showcasing the automaker’s tech through ‘uncrashable’ toy cars.

The video sees a number of kids attempting to crash toy Merc models, and failing miserably at that – unbeknownst to the kids, the toy cars that have been presented to them have magnets with a high level of flux, each with like magnetic poles so they repel each other. The result is frustration.

Crafted by German ad agency Jung von Matt, the clip is actually meant to promote the automaker’s Brake Assist System PLUS in a novel way to families. The radar-based system monitors vehicles ahead and optimises the applied brake power as soon as the driver steps on the brakes, helping drivers not only to avoid rear-end collisions, but also collisions with crossing traffic at junctions.