Toyota Malaysia has uploaded three teaser videos onto its official website, previewing an upcoming local stunt driving video, accompanied by the hashtag #ViosPulseOfAction. Let’s just say that what you’re about to see certainly involves tyres being tortured and loads of precision driving.

As the name aptly suggests, the Toyota Vios is the star in the videos. Four of them, to be exact, as they charge their way through the streets, probably to demonstrate the sporty appeal the Vios is claimed to provide.

The Vios quartet is even associated with four base jumpers as they overlook the city of Kuala Lumpur – certainly another statement that this will get your pulse racing.

The three short clips – ‘Narrow Road Here’, ‘Wheelspin Zone’, and ‘Strong Winds Ahead’ all end with phrase “Catch the Vios in action,” along with a date, November 1, 2015.

So, what do you think Toyota Malaysia has in store for us? Could it be something like the amazing BMW The Epic Driftmob video? We’ll have to wait till November to find out more.