On top of the 12 brands already known to be affected by the faulty Takata airbag issues, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will be making an announcement in a matter of days, that will confirm the involvement of several more, it seems.

It was reported last month that the US regulators had carried out investigations into several more car brands – including Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Suzuki, Volvo Trucks and Land Rover – under the understanding that Takata had supplied the faulty ammonia-nitrate equipped airbags in question to them.

Mark Rosekind, chief of the NHTSA recently confirmed to Reuters that an announcement will be made very soon, and said that his company “will try to be very specific” about its details. He refused to reveal anything further.


At this point, it isn’t certain if the due announcement will confirm a recall for a new list of affected car brands, or if this purely surrounds the expansion of the ongoing investigations.

In our last report, the NHTSA and Takata were already at the point of beginning their investigations into the seven new brands believed to be equipped with the faulty ammonia-nitrate equipped airbags. In its letters to the brands, read the following:

“Takata has identified your company as having been supplied airbag inflators that contain either its 2004 or 2004L ammonium nitrate-based propellant and that are not currently covered by the Takata DIRs. In connection with the Coordinated Remedy Program proceeding, NHTSA is considering not only whether to issue an administrative order that would coordinate the remedy programs associated with the current Takata recalls, but also whether such an order should include expansion of the current recalls.”