Some say that taxis can be just as iconic as the cities in which they operate in. Think of London and the black cab springs to mind, or even in Malaysia, where the workhorse Proton Saga served passengers for many years.

Toyota is also keen on the notion of creating a vehicle that embodies the spirit of Japanese hospitality, which is why it has announced that it is currently developing a next-generation taxi for its domestic market. The taxi will be shown at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show through a promotional video, and will be an updated version of its JPN Taxi Concept from two years ago.

The Japanese carmaker hopes that this new taxi will become as common as the long-serving Toyota Crown Comfort is in the country today. Moreover, it says that the new taxi model will be capable of not just addressing environmental concerns, but also cater towards the country’s rapidly aging population.

Equipped with a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) hybrid powertrain, the taxi will also adopt a chassis that allows for easy manoeuvrability in a city setting, while offering a comfortable ride for its occupants. In terms of dimensions, the JPN Taxi Concept measured 4,350 mm in length, 1,695 mm in width, and 1,700 mm in height. The 2,750 mm wheelbase allows for a seating capacity of five people as well.

Design-wise, the taxi will adopt the hatchback bodystyle of the 2013 concept and features a low floor and wide-opening sliding door, allowing for easy entry and exit. The abundant interior space also allow passengers to board in a wheelchair.

Furthermore, the vehicle aims to meet the Japanese government’s goal of providing buses and taxis that are barrier-free and tailored specifically to local needs.